Kennewick robber arrested after four months of laying low

Image courtesy of Kennewick Police Department, KPD

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Kennewick police officers finally located and arrested a wanted suspect connected with a local robbery committed in November 2020.

According to a Facebook post by the Kennewick Police Department (KPD), officers and detectives with the Criminal Apprehension Team (CAT) responded to the Red Lion Inn & Suites at 5616 W Clearwater Ave on the evening of November 12, 2020.

An investigation determined that the victim had a large sum of money that was taken from the hotel room during the robbery. While no arrests were made on the scene of the crime, it was alleged that multiple suspects were identified by local law enforcement officers.

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On March 5, 2021, officers finally caught up with one of the suspects: Jordyan Kinsey. Given the severity of the crime committed and the length of the investigation, all proper measures were taken to arrest the suspect without incident. During that search, the suspect’s car was impounded and searched thoroughly once a search warrant was approved using proper avenues.

CAT agents located a number of firearms — Many of which were allegedly stolen from different jurisdictions. Local law enforcement seized these weapons and confirmed that Kisney was a suspected gang member connected to a number of cases.

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Kisney was booked into the Franklin County Jail on investigative holds for a number of charges including two counts of Possession of a Stolen Firearm, two counts of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm to the second degree and one count of robbery to the first degree.

No further information is being provided about the whereabouts of the money, which may have been spent by now. There’s also no more information being provided about the number of suspects who are expected to be connected to this case.

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