Kennewick School District begins Hybrid Learning

Westgate Elementary School Principal Dale Kern said they have several safety measures in place to ensure students' safety

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Although there are few things that are normal about going to school during a pandemic, Principal Dale Kern said it’s uplifting to see students back in classrooms.

“Everybody’s happy, lots of smiles today, things are going pretty well, we’ve had our hiccups here and there but everyone’s just rolling with it and we’ve had a really successful day so far,” Kern said.

To keep students and staff healthy, the school added several hand sanitizer stations, covered drinking fountains, and spread out desks. Everyone is required to wear a mask, eat lunch inside their classroom and social distance, especially at recess.

“We are very closely monitoring our big toys and our playground equipment to make sure the kids aren’t overcrowding those things,” Kern explained.

Westgate Elementary also has a waiting room where a student can go to if they don’t feel well.

“The student will wait there, we’ll call a parent have them come pick them up if the symptoms could potentially be COVID,” the principal said.

Later in the week, the students who are a part of the ‘A’ schedule, will switch back to remote learning for a couple of days. In the mean time, ‘B’ schedule students, will go to their classrooms for in-person learning.

“It’s exciting to have kids back on campus, we love having them back here, the Zoom and remote learning was effective but this is really nice to have the kids back in and the teachers’
energy level is just kinda through the roof today, it’s been fun to watch,” Kern said.

Principal Kern encourages parents to screen their children, to make sure they’re going to school while healthy and encourage hygienic practices like hand washing.


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