Kennewick School District will offer online learning options for grades K-12


KENNEWICK, Wash. — While many families are relieved that their children are transitioning away from remote learning, some have found that it’s an effective route for their children. To accommodate those who benefit from a distance learning option, the Kennewick School District is creating a fully online alternative for students in grades K-12.

According to a release by the Kennewick School District on Tuesday, the program will allow students to access their curriculum for the 2021-22 school year remotely. While there will be overlap with similar programs offered during the pandemic, school officials say that this is a different option than what students used this school year.

All curriculum and instruction will be conducted over the computer. Teacher case managers will be responsible for assessing, supervising, monitoring and documenting students’ progress over time. They are expected to have contact with students at least once a week to track their growth and help them grasp their learning materials.

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Each learning plan will be individualized for the student’s needs, which is one reason why certain parents would be inclined to enroll their children in this program.

Through Mid-Columbia Partnership, partial and full-time online learning options will become available for children in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. The registration period for new students and transfers will begin on Monday, June 7. Further information will be provided to families through the Kennewick School District.

Enrollment for online high school through the school district also begins on June 7. It will follow the APEX Learning curriculum, which follows Washington state learning standards and graduation requirements.


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