Kennewick shoppers stock up on supplies amid COVID-19 fall surge

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Costco in Kennewick was crowded on Monday morning as locals hurried to make purchases before some stricter coronavirus rules kick in at midnight.

Similar to the first wave of so-called ‘panic buying’ during the beginning of the pandemic, there were some bare shelves. However, one shopper told our reporter she noticed a difference this time around.

“I think in general, it’s obviously crowded, but it’s not too bad. I think people are being really respectful and I think the first one we’ve learned a lot from and so people are being a little more respectful but also kinda Ahh,” said Nikhia Welsch of West Richland.

In part, that could be because Tuesday’s round of restrictions will only decrease in-store occupancy by 5%.

You will still be able to go inside with a mask. However, stores must close seating areas.

While some shoppers were in a rush on Monday, store workers tell us there’s no need to fear and no reason to panic buy.

“We’ve just seen it pick up a lot. A lot of big orders, a lot of toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex, and baking goods for the holidays. Things like that.” said Leah Lubanski with Yoke’s Fresh Market.

Officials are also recommending that outdoor social gatherings should be limited to five people and keep your social life limited to the people you live with.

There are also other local stores to shop at, and many apps and websites to order what you need.

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