Kennewick sports card store owner recovers from burglary

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Donnie Marquart’s store in Kennewick, On The Marq Sports Cards, represents a dream come true.

“I have fun coming to work, talking with people about sports and cards. I love watching people open up really good cards. Right now is the huge market, I got in at a good time,” Donnie opened up shop in 2018.

This week, while most of us where just trying to survive the heat and local businesses attempted to stay open, the Kennewick businessman was cleaning up a mess left behind by a burglar.

“He knew what he was getting; he went straight to the expensive stuff,” Marquart said the burglar broke in around 4:00 AM, Thursday morning by throwing a rock through the front door window.

It wasn’t until 8 AM that same morning that Donnie rushed to his store and discovered nearly $7,000 worth of sports cards, gone.

“It’s tough, I mean it’s hard for me to find stuff and now when stuff comes missing, it makes it even harder. The most expensive box he took was a box of Prizm Basketball which retails for fourteen hundred dollars,” he explained.

Donnie said he feels violated, but it’s not surprising.

“With the sports card boom, stuff’s gotten expensive so I’ve heard of it going on in the country, everywhere,” he said.

Places like Target don’t even sell cards in-store anymore because fights have broken out and threats of violence.

So the demand for sports cards has fallen on store like On the Marq.

“I think people had extra money, they had time on their hands, with the stimulus checks. A lot of collectors who said they were collectors when they were kids getting back into the hobby it’s just huge right now, it’s more of an investment than a hobby now,” Marquart said.

Some of the cards were one of a kind, so hopefully Donnie would be able to find them if they get listed online.

“Obviously we know it was mine and graded stuff all has certification numbers on them that are unique to the card,” he said.

If you have any information on the burglary or recognize the suspect, please contact the Kennewick Police Department.

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