Kennewick teen with debilitating illness searches for stolen car

KENNEWICK, Wash. – After 16-year-old Lyla Gordon’s car was stolen from her driveway on Monday afternoon, calls came flooding in from family members. They said they saw it going through Kennewick towards Finley.

“Lyla, who’s driving your car? There’s a white male driving your car,” her mother recalled the phone call.

“Either they made a copy of the key, or they hotwired it but there’s only a 30 minute time window,” Lyla said it was stolen somewhere from noon to 12:30 PM.

Now, you may think it’s just a car, but not to Lyla.

“That car was like my everything. I ran it like all day long, I took it everywhere, I used it to get my siblings,” she said.

Lyla had to work extra hard to buy her 1997 white Honda Accord. She lives with a mitochondrial disease, so she’s immunocompromised; meaning, she had to earn money by helping family and friends.

“I get tired a lot more often, I’m not as energetic as people my age. There’s been a lot, I’ve had a couple of surgeries, I was in a wheelchair for a while, we did infusions for a little white, I was misdiagnosed,” Lyla said she didn’t get her mitochondrial illness diagnosis until she was eight years old.

Lyla’s mother Jessica Chapman said it’s a miracle that she can even operate a car.

“They didn’t think she was gonna be able to walk, they didn’t think she was gonna make it into her teen years, so for her to be able to drive and- for me it’s a proud mom moment,” she said.

For Lyla, the car is a culmination of hard work and success.

“This is her one prized possession that is hers and solely hers,” Jessica said.

Now, they just want it back.

“We don’t wanna file insurance, we don’t want the money, we don’t want the claim, she just wants her stuff back, you know, that’s hers, that she worked so hard on,” the mother said.

According to Jessica and Lyla, the car was last seen near the ‘Green 2 Go’ in Finley. The 1997 Honda Accord is white, has specialty wheels, spikes on the rims, tinted windows and a metal bulldog on the back of the car. If you have any information, please contact the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.


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