Kennewick tenant extinguishes apartment fire before crews arrive

Image credit: Kennewick Fire Department

KENNEWICK, Wash. —It’s not very often that firefighters are called to the scene of a commercial fire that’s already been put out, but one Kennewick apartment tenant sprung into action to prevent further damage to her home.

According to a press release issued by the Kennewick Fire Department, crews from the KFD, Benton County Fire District No. 1, and Pasco Fire Department were dispatched to a commercial fire on the 1000-block of W 10th Ave on Thursday afternoon. Authorities were told that there was one apartment reportedly on fire at the time of the dispatch.

The first emergency vehicle to arrive at the scene of the fire was a Battalion Chief from the Pasco Fire Department, who was in the area at the time of the call. That crew quickly determined that tenants of the apartment complex had put the flames out. Tenants told fire authorities that they used a fire extinguisher to get rid of the fire before it spread any further.

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Once KFD crews arrived, they ensured that the fire was completely extinguished by opening the ceiling and walls to check for hidden flames inside the structure. They also helped tenants protect their personal property which was in the vicinity of the fire.

A Kennewick fire crew investigation determined that the apartment was occupied at the time of the fire. The cause was determined to be a cigarette that was improperly put out in potting soil. The occupant, identified as a woman in the KFD press release, sustained minor injuries to her hands while grabbing the fire extinguisher.

She was treated for her wounds by first responders and release without having to go to the hospital.


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