Kennewick ultrasound tech makes life-saving discovery

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Anna Spencer with Perfection Ultrasounds in Kennewick hasn’t even been open for a month, yet her business has saved already saved a life. Spencer has been a registered sonographer in the Tri-Cities for 12 years.

“Its the most inexpensive way and the most non-invasive way to get the images we need for the doctors in order to figure out what’s going
on with our patients,” she said.

She’s the expert who helps you see that growing bundle of joy, or spot out life threatening conditions like in the case of her best friend’s daughter, Lillia.

“It was pain, I couldn’t go to bed,” the 10-year-old said.

Two months ago, Lillia started experiencing extreme stomach pain.

Her mom, Katerina, thought she may have eaten something with dairy, and was having a reaction, but the pain wouldn’t let up.

“It felt really, really bad then they called Anna and she came over to scan me,” Lillia remembered.

“I’m so happy I could scan her because it was not good and I advised them to go to the ER, immediately and have dad come home from work to help watch the other children as this was going to be a hospital stay,” Anna said the situation was critical.

It was her appendix, ruptured and leaking fluid into Lillia’s body.

“Life or death; it was very crucial,” Anna said.

The risk of a ruptured appendix can lead to sepsis shock in the body.

Lillia and her mother rushed to the Trios ER but said they were referred to a surgeon in Walla Walla to remove her appendix.

“The hard part was healing over it because it was really hard to get out of bed and use the bathroom and it was really hard to eat as well,” Lillia said.

“I am honored that I was able to help her and reassure her and not scare her in anyway,” Anna added.

Lillia said she’s feeling much bet ter.

She and her mom are grateful for Anna’s skill and service.

“It was really scary and I’m glad I healed over it,” Lillia said.

“It’s been very self rewarding; I couldn’t choose a better field,” Anna said.

Perfection Ultrasounds is located inside the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership Building at 124 West Kennewick Boulevard, Suite 8.

You can go in with or without a doctor’s referral; imaging starts at $125.

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