Kennewick woman’s death associated with extremely high temperatures

Heat Stroke And Exhaustion Graphic - Kennewick, Franklin County

KENNEWICK, Wash. — A 73-year-old woman from Kennewick died Tuesday morning due to the excessive heat, Benton County Coroner Bill Leach confirmed Wednesday morning.

Leach told KAPP-KVEW the temperature in the woman’s house was over 95 degrees when they arrived around 10:00 a.m. Tuesday.

Leach says the 73-year-old’s body temperature was “extremely high.” He ruled her death as hyperthermia due to the heat.

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On Monday, the high temperature in Kennewick was 114 degrees.

The house in Kennewick did not have air conditioning, according to Leach.

This is the first death reported by the Benton County Coroner’s Office associated with the recent high temperatures.

Franklin County Coroner Curtis McGary told KAPP-KVEW Wednesday morning that they have not investigated any deaths associated with the heat.

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On Tuesday temperatures in Kennewick reached 113 degrees.

Leach told KAPP-KVEW to visit a cooling center if you do not have air conditioning in your home. He says you could also spend time at the Columbia Center Mall or ask a neighbor to spend time at their house to avoid the heat.