Kennewick woman’s home deemed fire risk, local business and nonprofit step in to help

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Months ago, Charlotte McCarry from Kennewick noticed dozens of her lights and outlets stopped working.

Unable to afford an electrician, she called Rebuilding Mid-Columbia, who helps people make necessary modifications to their home at no cost.

“They was (sic) not doing anything until after the pandemic kind of eased up,” McCarry said.

“Unfortunately because of COVID we had to close of 18 months,” Crystal Carter, the Executive Director with Rebuilding Mid-Columbia said.

However that pause, ended today.

“This is our first project as we reopen and so we’re really excited about it today,” Carter added.

Rebuilding Mid-Columbia partnered with Campbell and Co. to fix Charlotte’s home, in Kennewick.

“They have really really saved my life because I’m not that advantaged, I can’t pay for everything. I would be out on the street because you’re talking about a month’s worth of rent or paying an electrician,” she said.

“And this is just what Campbell and Company is all about,” Rob Crawford said.

Crawford, the Electrical Service Manager with the company said the faulty outlets were a definite fire risk.

So he and his team fixed those and the broken lights, to make her home a safer place, all at no cost.

“It’s wonderful; everybody that’s come together today just to put their time and effort into it and the respect we have for our community is wonderful,” Crawford said.

“Campbell and Company didn’t hesitate when we reached out and they were more than willing to send their team out to tackle both the materials and labor,” Carter said they are incredibly thankful for their work.

Charlotte said thanks to Rebuilding Mid-Columbia and Campbell and Company, she felt the holiday spirit and now, is much safer under her roof.

“Thank you to the Lord first and thank you to Campbell and Company and Rebuild equally because they have really made my day and my season; this is the true meaning of the season giving freely,” she said.

Rebuilding Mid-Columbia is always looking to partner with location companies who can do home repairs, build wheelchair ramps and other modifications. Crystal said they also need donations since they weren’t able to host their annual fundraiser due to COVID-19; you can learn more about them here.

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