Kids help rescue terribly skinny cat in West Richland

Kids help rescue terribly skinny cat in West Richland
West Richland Police Department

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. — A terribly skinny cat was rescued in West Richland thanks to the pair of kids.

Police said a couple of kids reported finding a cat that was so skinny, Animal Control officers called her weight one of the worst they’d ever seen on a cat.

The cat was an older female that was dirty, declawed and appeared to have been lost for quite some time. However, she was friendly and active for her condition.

“Originally the cat was facing euthanasia. However, she scarfed food down and clearly showed that she did not want to leave this life yet,” police said in a Facebook post.

So authorities took her to get immediate treatment at Paws, Claws, and Hooves Veterinary Center in West Richland. There, she weighed in at just five pounds.

She was transferred to Dr. Menks’ Mobile Vet where she will stay until she gains more weight and continues her road to recovery.

Police say the cat’s name is “Frankie.”