Kittitas County voters report holes in their ballots

Kittitas County Auditor Jerry Pettit said the ballots can still be counted and processed and only represent a fraction of the county's registered voters.
KITTITAS COUNTY, Wash. – Kittitas County Auditor Jerry Pettit said voters reported finding a small tear or a hole in their mail-in ballots. Pettit said nearly 30 people have reported getting the damaged ballot, but he asked those voters not to be concerned.
“This small tear will not impact ballot processing or tabulation in any way, nor does it impede any voter’s ability to express their choice in the nearby Public Utility District contest,” Pettit said in a statement provided to KAPP-KVEW.
With so far more than two dozen voters reporting the ballot, Pettit said this small group represents only a fraction of the county’s nearly 30,000 registered voters.
Pettit said damaged ballots are not uncommon, especially during ballot processing. “My team is able to process and tabulate these ballots, as normal, and voters can rest assured that their votes will be counted,” he said. Ballot opening teams also inspect each ballot before it is counted and Pettit said there are policies in place when a ballot is returned with tears or holes.
If you received a damaged ballot, or if you have questions or concerns about the security of your ballot, Pettit said people can reach out to his office at 09-962-7503 or