KPD conducts active shooter training at Kamiakin High School

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Two weeks after the cities came together for a regional explosive breaching demonstration by the Tri-City Regional SWAT Team, the Kennewick Police Department conducted their own active shooter training. KPD was at Kamiakin High School on Tuesday afternoon.

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“It’s a priority for the Kennewick Police Department to train on active shooter situations,” said Lieutenant Ryan Kelly.

Lt. Ryan Kelly with the KPD said active shooter training is always evolving. “We learn from every incident across the country and we implement those, what we learn, into our trainings.”

He said after every training, the department sits down to discuss how it went, what they learned from it, and how to improve it for the next year. “We continue to go back to learning from events and adjusting our training.”

This event is annual. Lt. Kelly said it was around their 14th year of it, and said the officers go through eight hours of training per year for active shooter situations. The unfortunate reality is this is invaluable training the officers are getting.

When it comes to school shooter situations, “We ensure our officers know that their first priority is to get into the school and stop whatever the threat is,” said Lt. Kelly.

They partner with the Kennewick Fire Department. They do this so KPD can handle injured people as well. Lt. Kelly said, “Our officers enter the school, stop the threat, and then immediately go into life saving measures.”

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