Laptops available for all students in the Yakima School District

Ysd Laptop Distribution

YAKIMA, Wash. — The Yakima School District is preparing for all-online learning this fall by getting students the technology they need.

Every student — from kindergarten through 12th grade — can borrow a laptop specifically configured for them take home and use for the entirety of the upcoming school year.

“We are very prepared to go through iteration if needed to make this a meaningful process,” Technology Director Andy Gonzalez said. “Our goal is to educate the students in our community.”

Laptops are currently being distributed to middle and high school students. Distribution for elementary school students will begin Aug. 17.

Parents can receive their students’ laptops by either scheduling an appointment to get them through curbside pickup or going to one of the walk-up checkout locations.  Gonzalez said students without internet access at home can also borrow a WiFi router.

“What we are prepared to do is continue to retool and revamp as needed to make it not what we need, but what students and parents need,” Gonzalez said.

The laptop program isn’t mandatory, but it’s strongly encouraged. Gonzalez said  all software needed to participate in classes will be licensed to school district devices and can’t be extended to a student’s personal devices.

For more information, go to the Yakima School District website.