Lawmakers, advocates disagree on Biden’s latest Executive Order

DENVER, Colo. – President Biden’s latest action to control climate change has some excited, and many others, not so happy.

“Today’s executive order is broad, it’s bold, it is necessary and honestly long overdue,” Aaron Weiss with the Wester Priorities Center in Denver, Colorado isn’t the only one praising the president’s action.

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On Wednesday, Governor Jay Inslee also applauded Biden’s commitment to ‘protecting scientific integrity.’

“It’s gonna require a lot of bold action, it’s gonna require coordination between the federal government, the states, between private land owners,” Weiss added.

The order puts a 60-day moratorium on new oil and gas leasing in the US.

Weiss said this will give officials some time to re-evaluation the programs.

“Everyone has to get together to fix this broken system so oil and gas companies are accounting for, paying for the full climate cost, of extracting oil and gas from America’s lands,” Weiss said.

But, this doesn’t sit well with many people. Including the Americans who’s jobs it will take away.

Recently, Washington Representative Dan Newhouse signed a letter to President Biden, stating the detrimental affects like one million jobs, gone.

The letter goes on to state, Biden’s action may conflict with federal law.

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Weiss explained what the order does is aggressively address climate crisis in the US; Biden said he’s committed to conserving 30 percent of American land and oceans by 2030.

“We are seeing species going extinct at an alarming rate so, by protecting 30 percent of America’s land and water by the end of the decade, which is what scientists tell us has to happen, that’s the only way to address the climate crisis and extinction crisis at the same time,” Weiss said.

Still, some members of Congress say now is not the time to jeopardize American’s jobs and program funding.