Leg braces for child with Spina Bifida stolen from car in Richland

On Friday, a car prowler stole a diaper bag from Logan William’s parked car in the Fred Meyer parking lot.

Besides a change of clothes and diapers for her one-year-old, William’s also had her son Olan’s ankle-foot orthosis braces in the bag.

Olan was born with Spina Bifida. His spinal cord was exposed while in the womb.

He uses custom-molded ankle braces (seen below) to keep his feet stable as he learns to walk.

Leg braces for child with Spina Bifida stolen from car in Richland

Logan and her husband Chuck didn’t know their child had the rare birth defect until the day she went into labor. Olan has clubbed feet, a result of the lifelong defect.

“Most people with Spina Bifida end up needing a wheelchair or needing other things. The fact that he can even stand is a miracle and the fact that he has a chance to walk is a miracle and those braces play a very important part,” said Chuck Williams.

“The longer he’s walking without them, we’re going back steps because he’s walking on the side of his foot almost his ankle,” said Logan Williams.

Olan will need assistance for the rest of his life. His parents said the braces are vital to his development.

“He needs them to be able to learn how to walk and he needs them so that the bones in his feet are in the right place,” said Chuck Williams.

The family hopes the thief ditches the braces somewhere and they are returned.

If they are not found, they will order a new pair in hopes that insurance will pay for them.

New braces will take about month to be made.