‘Let’s be civil:’ West Richland couple’s election signs run over in front yard

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. — Melissa and Keith Lehrschall were helping their family get ready for bed Friday night when a car ran through their West Richland property, destroying the multiple signs posted in their front yard.

The signs represented local school board candidates running in Tuesday’s election. The Lehrschall’s think whoever was driving targeted the signs on purpose.

“You know initially I thought, ‘Well, it’s just kind of some teenagers kind of driving through and doing something kind of silly,’ but then looking at the footage, it was definitely more of a targeted type of activity to actually pull into the driveway, sit there for a bit while cars drove by, reverse and then hit it,” Keith Lehrschall said.

Lehrschall said he didn’t sleep “at all” that night, worrying that his house and vehicles might be next.

“It’s silly for us to think that we should not want to put our signs up because we’re concerned about someone doing something like that or even more aggressive,” Lehrschall said. “We should be able to have these signs in our yards and vote the way we want and everybody should respect that.”

You can still see the tire marks from the car in the grass and rocks outside. Now the Lehrschalls are hoping to promote civility.

“We should be able to protect those even if you disagree with them, protect those and ensure they also have the freedom to voice their concerns or their viewpoints even if you disagree with those as well,” Lehrschall said. “I’m not going to tear down their stuff. I don’t want them to tear down my stuff, I mean let’s be civil together.”


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