Veterinarian says pets need sweaters too, gives cold weather tips

RICHLAND, Wash.-- The weather is getting colder and animal experts are urging pet owners to keep their pets safe in the frigid conditions.

Doctor Diana Thomé is a veterinarian at Desert Vet Clinic in Richland. She said if the weather feels too cold for people, it is probably too cold for animals as well.

"Yeah I think its really important to consider what's normal for your animal. So if you have an indoor animal that spends most of their time inside as the weather gets colder, its really important to be sure they don't have prolonged exposure to the cold temperatures," said Thomé.

She said pet owners should ensure their pets have a shelter in the cold conditions and to keep their water heated.

Additionally, Thomé said short-haired animals should wear warm sweaters, while long-haired breeds may have an easier time keeping warm.

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