Limited Lockdown of Wahluke Schools in Mattawa

Lockdown Lifted at Highlands Middle School

A general threat was made to Wahluke High School in Mattawa this morning. The Grant County Sheriff’s Department says that the threat has not been confirmed.

Wahluke School District implemented its emergency procedures and is coordinating efforts with the Grant County Sheriff’s Office and Mattawa Police Department. Specifics of the threat are not being released right now because there is an active investigation by the GCSO. There have been no injuries.

As a precaution, Wahluke Schools have implemented a limited lockdown of their schools. Limited lockdown means there is restricted movement within the campus. These emergency procedures will be in effect for at least the next two days.

In addition the Grant County Sheriff’s Office is increasing patrols around Wahluke Schools.

Wahluke Schools are also canceling intramural activities for the next two days, public use of all district facilities and preschool.