Liquor Control Board Could Allow More Pot Growing in Washington

One Year Since Marijuana Legalization, The Black Market Is Still Winning

SEATTLE (AP) — The officials who oversee Washington’s legal marijuana industry want to boost the amount of marijuana that can be grown in the state.

Brian Smith, a spokesman for the state Liquor Control Board, said Friday that the board will propose increasing the total canopy for licensed pot gardens from 2 million square feet to 8.5 million square feet.

The 2 million-square-foot figure initially set out in the state’s rules for the industry has long been seen as inadequate, and the board has already issued licenses covering more than 3 million square feet, although not all of that is in production.

The state received 2,800 applications from people wanting to grow marijuana for sale at retail pot shops. About 290 marijuana producer licenses have been issued.

The total canopy was one of several marijuana rules changes being proposed by the board Friday.