World Series-bound Little League team close to fundraising goal

Steve Lee donated $20k today, but the team is still $20k short

KENNEWICK, Wash. — The Kennewick National All Star 12U team is headed to the World Series in Palm Beach, Florida. The Little League team has six more days to raise funds before heading out to the competition

The players found out they’d made the World Series on Sunday. Getting a team of 12 boys and 4 coaches across the United States in a little over a week is expensive.

“We realized that we needed to get flights, and hotels, and transportation,” says Sarah Murphy, a team parent. “And Palm Beach, Florida is a little bit a ways away.”

Kennewick National is currently going around to businesses and community members, asking for donations.

“We got a bus,” says Assistant Head Coach Josh Murphy. “We’ve been taking all the boys around. We want to meet you and we want to come tell you our story.”

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The Little League squad set up a GoFundMe page just before the regionals game commenced, knowing that Worlds may be a possibility. Since then, the page has fundraised nearly $13,000.

On Wednesday morning, the team got a major donation from Steve Lee, a local philanthropist. The total? $20,000.

“We hope that we can use this as an opportunity to invite the public to come out and match those dollars,” Lee says. “And show [your] support for these remarkable youths in our community that have accomplished something incredible.”

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The team is grateful for the community’s support.

“This is the third day and it’s not even noon yet,” John says. “And we’ve had so much support from the community.”

But there’s still a little more fundraising that needs to happen. The team is short by about $20,000.

“We have six days left to fundraise, but we’re really close,” Sarah says. “We’re about fifteen to twenty thousand dollars away from where we need to be, so with Steve’s donation and a little bit more support from the community, we’re gonna be there.”

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