Livestock Found Dead, Possible Cougar on the Loose

Livestock Found Dead, Possible Cougar on the Loose

Neighbors are on the lookout for a potential cougar, after several livestock are killed in a West Valley neighborhood over the past couple of days.

Neighbors and wildlife experts suspect a cougar may be on the loose in West Valley.

Officials first received reports of two goats that were killed at a home on the 3000 block South 74th Avenue a week and a half ago — and this past weekend, three sheep were killed barely a quarter mile from the first home.

“There’s a little bit of a concern because we have the grandkids every day, they play outside a lot and I know that cougars target smaller people,” said Sam Weaver, “So yeah, it’s a little bit of a concern.”

Officials set up cougar traps in the same area the animals were killed, cougars tend to return to their prey, however, those have come up empty — based on the nature of the attacks, bite marks, and no sign of returning cougars they believe a domestic dog may also be the culprit.

“[we’re] Going on to the third day now I think since the trap was set, with no activity at all,” said Fish and Wildlife Captain Rich Mann, “If it was a cougar, it’s not there right now, if it was domestic dogs, I’m guessing we’ll have the problem show up again.”