Local 15-year-old’s booming slime business

A local 15-year-old business owner is leaving his print on the slime industry.

Gavinn Purser first started making slime in his Pasco home two years ago. He began his business, Slimeey Kingss, selling to classmates at his school which not only entertained but helped with stress and anxiety.

Little did he know his business would sky rocket just one year later.

After an instagram video of him making slime went viral, Purser’s account followers jumped from 500 to over 20,000. He now travels around the country selling at conventions and meeting fans.

This year is Purser’s first time exhibiting Slimeey Kingss at the Benton Franklin County Fair, offering customizable slime with toppings and even a banana split themed bar.

Purser is in the process of setting up his business license to sell on Amazon but in the meantime, you can purchase his slime from his Etsy account by clicking, here.