Local business owner helping maintain Yakima’s landmark sign

Local business owner helping maintain Yakima’s landmark sign

For some passerby’s it might be confusing or humorous.

But for others like derrick Nordberg owner at Cowiche Creek Brewing Company, it’s a childhood memory.

“But when you come into town, this is the first thing you see that reminds us that we’re home now,” said Cowiche Creek Brewing Company owner Derrick Nordberg.

If you ever wondered who originally put up this sign that’s become a legendary landmark, well wonder no more.

Gary Lukehart a Yakima resident put it up in 1986, the purpose of the sign was to create more tourism and remind people that didn’t know Yakima existed, that the state of Washington had sunny areas.

“I thought people would talk about us and our sunshine,” said creator of the sign Gary Lukehart. .

In an effort to make sure the sign stays, Nordberg is partnering with Lukehart, the creator of the sign to help maintain it.

“Portion of the proceeds of this beer retail sales go to maintenance of the sign, the paint the land taxes so we can up keep it, keep the light on,” said Nordberg.

This beer, one of the ideas Nordberg came up with to help keep the sign up for many years to come.

“They created some little bit of income because I’m not going to be here forever and maintaining the sign is a responsibility,” said Lukehart.

Nordberg, holding on to memories every time he sees this sign, reason why he’s so passionate about never taking it down.

“If it were to be taken down, I think it would take a piece of my heart away,” said Derrick Nordberg.