Local canine shelter receives early Christmas gifts

Christmas came early for the seven dogs at the Benton County Canine Shelter Friday morning.

Local celebrity pitbull Eddie Spaghetti and his foster mom brought bags of assorted toys donated from Petsmart to the shelter.

Josh Castilleja, the supervisor for the shelter, said in the giving season it’s important to remember those without a voice.

“It’s so nice to see that you’re not forgotten and people out there are doing good deeds and not forgetting about animals,” Castilleja said.

Castilleja said that because not many people in the community know about the shelter, every donation helps.

“Blankets, towels, gift cards, toys, bones, food, everything,” Castilleja said. “We have a really low budget here so whatever we can get with donations is very much appreciated.”

He added that when the dogs get new toys it’s like “a real Merry Christmas” because they don’t have many things of their own, if at all.

“Most of our dogs don’t know that type of thing until they get here. Most of them all I know is outside and maybe a dog house, maybe not. So, everything they get here is amazing for them,” Castilleja said.

The shelter is currently closed for visits due to the pandemic, but you can see which dogs are available for adoption at Petango.com.