Local community reacts to fatal armed robbery in Yakima

Yakima homicide reactions
Local community reacts to fatal armed robbery in Yakima

A frequent customer to the am-pm and a city council candidate spoke out about the violence in Yakima.

More police officers are patrolling the streets and community involvement may be the answer.

A victim was shot and killed at the am-pm, and community members are devastated saying they want to see the violence in Yakima come to a stop.

“It’s horrible that this guy lost his life and who knows I mean he’s got a family and he works you know trying to make a living like all of us, and I mean there’s just no reason for him to have to be shot and killed over petty money,” Yakima resident Thomas Manzona said.

40-year-old Thomas Manzano has lived in Yakima for 18 years, stops by the am-pm frequently and says he wasn’t shocked when he heard another life was taken by gun violence in downtown Yakima.

“I have seen gangs fighting pretty much every night here, I see drunk and people on drugs every night when I come here to get gas and it’s horrible we should do something about it,” Thomas Manzona added.

While one community advocate running for Yakima City Council is already on a quest to clean up the streets of Yakima.

“We need to stop this violence and when I’m elected it will stop even if I have to increase police,” Community Advocate and Yakima City Council Candidate, Tony Sandoval said.

Tony Sandoval has been an advocate in the Yakima community for over 30 years and says the problems are expanding and the only way it will be solved is if the community steps in to help.

“We all have work together the police department can’t do it alone so it has to be both the community and the police department working together, including our leadership in the city of Yakima,” Sandoval continued.

Just in 2016 there were 20 homicide victims killed in Yakima and that number only increasing into 2017.

As for Manzona he just hopes something can be done to stop the violence.

Tony Sandoval is running for district four in Yakima against incumbent Bill Lover.

He says his first initiative will be figuring out a way to add more police officers and form strategic units to fight crime.

If you have any information about this shooting please contact Yakima police.