Local cowboys step in to help deputies capture steer on the loose

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. — The Benton County Sheriff’s Office had to enlist the help of some local cowboys on Saturday, September 17, to rope a steer that had gotten loose.  

According to a Facebook post, deputies were at Badger Road, Goose Gap and Dallas Road attempting to capture the steer shortly after 6 p.m. 


The Benton County Sheriff’s Office put out a call for help, saying, “our cowboy hats didn’t come with any training so if anyone is close that has a horse with roping ability, we would love the help.”  

Several people answered the call.  

Officials say a cowboy on a horse, cowboy on a gator, two cowboys on dirt bikes and three deputies were chasing the steer. The owner of the steer was also involved in the pursuit. 

Eventually, the steer was roped with the help of a cowboy in a Jeep.  

BCSO shared a photo of the steer “in custody,” saying “we were unable to find an appropriate size jumpsuit and fingerprinting was a challenge so we left it up to the owners.”