Dog waste cleanup business celebrates successful first year in Tri-Cities

TRI-CITIES, Wash. — Doody Pros, a dog waste cleanup service, is celebrating its first anniversary this February.

The small business picks up dog waste for clients around the Tri-Cities at reasonable rates.

Katie Julison started the business after noticing the lack of this service in the area.

“We’ve grown really fast, which also tells us that it’s definitely a need out here and people are looking for something like us,” Julison said.

Some clients, like Rey Elizondo, simply don’t have time to do the necessary cleanup.

“Sometimes I’m not here to clean up the yard. And these guys were very convenient where I didn’t have to rush home if the grandkids were coming,” Elizondo said.

Still, others may not be physically able to pick up after their dogs.

“We’ve helped a lot of elderly couples and also people who’ve had surgeries. And that was something that I didn’t really think about when we started,” Julison said.

An active member in the community, Doody Pros also takes time to volunteer at the dog park.

“Sometimes people miss their dogs stuff so we’re just kind of extra hands helping out,” Julison said.

If you’re interested in their services, click here to go to their website.