Local expert says, smoke and ash in the air can benefit your plants

RICHLAND, Wash.–It’s common knowledge the smokey haze seen in the air is bad for your health and mood. On the bright side, a local expert claims the smoke could benefit your plants.

Plants use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water in a process called photosynthesis. They also play a role in making our air cleaner by turning carbon dioxide and water into oxygen. So, you can imagine that when there is less sunlight due to heavy smoke is in the air, it would negatively impact plants and trees. The smoke actually spreads out the sun’s rays and the little ash particles in the smoke makes for great fertilizer.

According to Lynx Scarborough, a professional Horticulturist at Beaver Bark Gift & Garden Center, a little ash goes a long way in terms of evergreen health.

“The ash when washed into the soil is a great fertilizer for a plant. So when the air is finally cleared again, there’s actually more nutrients in your garden,” said Scarborough.

In terms of plants getting enough sunlight, heavy smoke can block the sun’s rays. Which impacts a plants productivity.

The smoke blocks and diffuses the sunlight, making a flower feel like its being hit from different directions.

Scarborough says its possible to measure how many particles and toxins trees and plants collect to purify the air. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration published a study in 1989, that list the top plants that reduce indoor air pollutants. You can click here for that study.

Those interested in procuring the benefits of photosynthesis,  Scarborough says “The Autumn season is ideal for planting trees. Because the soil is warm and temperatures are cooling.

Before you plant your next seed you might want to wait till the air quality is better.