Local father and son start up coffee company while in quarantine

KENNEWICK, Wash. — When COVID-19 prompted communities to lock down in March father and son, Bart and Jaxon Fawbush, found themselves with more free time than usual.

One morning while browsing the internet Bart Fawbush, a local wine maker and owner of Bartholomew Winery in Kennewick, saw an image with a caption that sparked an idea.

“I saw a meme with a cup of coffee sitting next to a glass of wine and it said, ‘I start my day with coffee, and finish it with wine’. At the moment I said, okay let’s do this coffee club,” said Bart.

He pitched the idea to his son about starting a coffee club, where customers sign up for a monthly bag of coffee beans.

“I wanted to start a business with my son Jaxon. There is no better opportunity to learn than actually doing it,”said Bart.

Jaxon, a senior at a local high school, jumped at the opportunity to get real job experience.

“I’ve been pretty indecisive in what I want to do. So, this is really an awesome experience and something promising for me,” said Jaxon.

From there, the father and son duo began researching the industries and eventually connected with a supplier and local roaster.

Jaxon even came up with the company’s name, Chimeric Coffee Club.

A chimera is mythical creature made up of different animals; just like how their coffee is different blends of beans.

After months of hard work, the duo launched their company two weeks ago.

For the month of September you can buy a bag of their coffee for $7 and will add another discount if you pair it with some Bartholomew wine.