Local food truck celebrates 10 year anniversary

KENNEWICK, Wash — When Felix and Jenny Sanchez opened their bright red food truck one decade ago, they never imagined what it would turn into.

Now dozens of loyal customers visit El Fat Cat Grill in Kennewick daily, often forcing the truck to close early after selling out of their Mexican-fusion dishes.

“I’m just so blessed that the community has accepted us and that they love our food,” Jenny Sanchez said.

The husband and wife power duo said these past ten years have gone by “so fast” and it feels like the truck just opened.

“I would never do this any other way. The people we have met are amazing,” Sanchez said.

So to give back to the community, they celebrated their 10-year anniversary with giveaway prizes and free tacos Wednesday morning.

Felix Sanchez said they managed to dish out over 700 tacos in just a matter of hours.

Volunteer Elieser Guillen said the celebration was “awesome” and brought back “memories from all of these past years.”

“These customers are what made all of this happen,” Guillen said.

Mark Gomez, another volunteer, agreed, adding that the Sanchezes are “very kind and welcoming.”

“They deserve everything good that’s coming to them,” Gomez said.

When the pandemic hit, the Sanchezes said while at first, they were nervous, they were quickly blown away by how many people reached out with offers to help.

“It’s super cool to see how throughout 2020 people were writing us privately and saying if you need anything you know you have us,” Jenny Sanchez said. “We really do turn our customers into family.”

Sanchez added that whenever she and Felix “think about if we should continue” they are continually inspired by those customers.

“We see them and we’re laughing with them and we see the love we have gotten back,” Sanchez said. “We just sit back and we’re like, this is what we’re supposed to do.”

El Fat Cat Grill is open Monday thru Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or whenever they sell out.

You can find the food truck at 539 N. Edison St. behind the car wash next to Traffic Jams in Kennewick.