Local golf business booming in the Spring weather

Local golf business booming in the Spring weather

Spring weather means warmth, clear skies, and green grass–a perfect time for golf. Now that the snow has melted, golf courses in the Tri-Cities are seeing more business as golfers dust off their clubs and head out to the courses.

Canyon Lakes Golf Course in Kennewick has seen a huge increase in business this Spring season, saying it was nearly empty a month ago but is now taking around 200 rounds of golf a day.

Matt Mandell is the PGA Head Golf Professional at Canyon Lakes Golf Course, saying the course has “seen a huge increase in business after the winter.”

“It’s been a slow start, said Mandell. “But now all of a sudden, the first few good days… definitely spring has sprung and we have players out here, we’re getting double what we were getting on average.”

Canyon Lakes has about 400 full-time members, who have all made it out to the course already, according to Mandell.

The golf course was closed throughout the winter and opened at the end of February. Mandell expects business to stay strong throughout the summer months.