Local law enforcement speaks with Newhouse about Narcan funding

RICHLAND, Wash. — Representative Dan Newhouse (R) spoke with local law enforcement agencies today about the rise in overdoses in the state.

Officers voiced concerns about the use of heroine in the region, which is prompting them to draft a federal bill that would provide federal funding for Narcan and training to officers across the nation.

“It’s no secret that we have a lot of drug issues in our part of the country,” Newhouse said. “This is a very important tool for police officers to keep with them.”

Narcan is a medication that can help save a life in a potential overdose situation. The patient would receive the dose to keep them awake for a short period of time before receiving professional medical care.

“We’re looking at ways that we can help access by law enforcement, of this important tool,” Newhouse said. “And doing that on a federal basis so that law enforcement officials around the country can have this.

Newhouse isn’t the only Representative talking to local law enforcement agencies. He’s one of a few lawmakers across the country gathering information to make this legislation a reality.

“We’ll continue to have dialogue with law enforcement agencies throughout the district, get input from other parts of the country as well,” Newhouse said. “When we get it into bill form we will absolutely be working hard to get it through the House of Representatives and hopefully turn it into law.”