Local marathoner aims to ‘Shine the Light’ on human trafficking

RICHLAND, Wash. — Most people can’t say they’ve run one marathon, let alone two, three, or even four. But one local powerhouse is spending her days training for her fifth, as she uses the race as an opportunity to bring international attention to a Tri-Cities organization.

Nancy Kintner-Meyer, 65, laces up her white sneakers, pulling the strings tight, before standing up to survey the long stretch of pavement in front of her at Howard Amon Park in Richland.

It’s a familiar sight as she’s spent weeks preparing to participate in the London Marathon on October 3.

“My first was Chicago and my second was Boston,” Kintner-Meyer said, adjusting her baseball cap. “I’ve been running casually since my twenties but about 10 years ago, I wanted to mix it up.”

Since then, Kintner-Meyer has completed multiple half-marathons and four of the Abbot World marathons.

“I started out just running two to three miles a couple of times a week,” Kintner-Meyer said.

Now she’s in 16-week training programs, running four days a week and doing cardio and strength conditioning on the others.

“Right now it’s a passion and with any passion, it just sort of drives you,” Kintner-Meyer said.

To celebrate her fifth marathon, she decided she wanted to do something meaningful as “it’s not so much about setting times but making an impact.”

“I have a goal of raising 10,000 dollars to donate to The Support, Advocacy, and Resources Center (SARC). They do really important work with survivors of human trafficking and exploitation,” Kintner-Meyer said. “I’m really concerned about the children and youth in our community.”

She added that a marathon is “less about where you start than when you finish.”

“I would love at the finish of the London marathon to stand at the line and say Tri-Cities, we shine the light,” Kintner-Meyer said.

“Shine the Light” is SARC’s campaign, so Kintner-Meyer created #RunToShineTheLightLondon2021.

“I added onto it because I’m running and I want people to know that my running is a journey, this fundraiser is a journey, and I want to ask people to help me on that journey,” Kintner-Meyer said. “So people know when I get to London, we’re going to Shine the Light.”

So far she has raised nearly $4,000 dollars. If she meets the $10,000 goal, Kintner-Meyer said it would mean “everything.”

“It would mean that our community supports the work of SARC. It would mean SARC has some extra resources to help children and youth and continue doing the very important work in our community that they do,” Kintner-Meyer said.

If you want to donate to the campaign, you have until October 3. Visit the GoFundMe here.

You can also send a check directly to SARC at 1458 Fowler St. Richland, WA 99352, and just make sure to include #RunToShineTheLightLondon2021 in the memo field.

As an incentive to those businesses and individuals donating $1,000 or more (by Sept. 1), Kintner-Meyer will also include your logo or company name on the running shirt she will wear in London.

In addition, donors of $1,000 or more will receive a photo from the marathon Expo with her wearing the #RunToShineTheLight/London2021 shirt with donor logos.

You can keep up with Nancy and her journey on Facebook here.


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