Local Marine runs ultra-marathon 8 months after being in a coma

Bryant Scott collapsed while training in San Diego

Kennewick native, Bryant Scott, always wanted to be a Marine. The career nearly ended his life, however, when he collapsed during a training exercise at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California.

“I was going too hard and I either hit a rock or collapsed, said Scott. “But something happened and I was down and out… completely unconscious.”

Another Marine found Scott lying face down in a ditch, his body covered in blood. He was airlifted to a hospital, but was nearly dead upon arrival. Scott was in a coma for two weeks. With his organs failing, his body overheating, and doctors giving him a life expectancy rate less than 10%, Scott’s family prepared for the worst.

Local Marine runs ultra-marathon 8 months after being in a coma

“I was supposed to die. They weren’t called back to see me get better, they were called to say goodbye,” said Scott.

Not everything was lost, however. Hope for recovery returned when Scott was given a liver transplant that ultimately saved his life. He was told a San Diego police officer was shot and brought into the same hospital.

The officer was an organ donor, and Scott was given the liver when the officer passed away.

Once his condition began improving, Scott decided to push his limits, mentally and physically. “The hardest mental aspect is that you really have to fight despair, said Scott. “A lot of people will get down on themselves and feel bad…and you just can’t look at those aspects.”

He began exercising, doing Crossfit, and training for an ultra-marathon, the Badger Canyon Mountain Challenge. He crossed the finish line, dedicating the run to his Marine Unit, the 1st Battalion, 4th Marines Weapons Company Combined Arms Anti -Tank 1.

Local Marine runs ultra-marathon 8 months after being in a coma

“I would really like for everyone that’s out there and of faith to pray for them and just to thank God. You know he works in mysterious ways and I think my recovery was a testament to that.”

Scott plans to continue running and training, pushing himself to be better and do more. He is hoping to continue his education in a PhD program, and eventually run a 100 mile ultra-marathon.