Local mother has first surgery for new smile

Local mother has first surgery for new smile

Doctors performed the first surgery on a local woman as she prepares to receive a brand new smile.

Victoria Wynalda was picked as the winner of the Smile Again program at Columbia Basin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons in November. The program awards recipients oral surgery and dental implants valued at about $50,000, free of cost.

Wednesday’s surgery removed all of Wynalda’s diseased teeth and replaced them with temporary dentures. Now, she will have about four months to heal before she gets her permanent, brand new smile.

Dr. Brandon Reddinger was one of the doctors who operated on Wynalda today. He said even though this is just the first part of the process, it’s already been extremely rewarding.

“I mean to see the smile on Victoria’s face- she was so excited, so happy,” Reddinger said. “Even after the surgery, she wakes up and she’s so groggy from being asleep the whole time but she’s just right away so happy and wanting to give hugs. So it was pretty life changing.”