Local nonprofit that helps sex trafficking survivors needs community to meet 2020 goals

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

A local nonprofit is hoping your New Year’s resolution may include helping others fulfill their own resolutions.

Tri-Cities-based Mirror Ministries helps sex trafficking survivors transition back into ‘normal’ life by offering various forms of therapy and other resources.

As they look ahead to 2020, the staff at Mirror Ministries wants to grow their outreach as a whole, but they also want to help their clients achieve their personal goals.

“For so long it’s just been about survival for them,” said Tricia MacFarlan, executive director of Mirror Ministries. “Once we get out of that absolute life or death survival mode, we can start looking at real dreams and what they see for their future.”

MacFarlan said many of her clients created ‘vision boards’ during a recent art therapy class – a visual representation of some of their resolutions. The goals included working out more, eating healthy and for one middle-aged client – going back to school to complete a degree.

“Now that they are moving into this new life and this freedom, they need to be able to have that opportunity to look and see what their goals and dreams are,” she said. “Then we get the opportunity to walk alongside them.”

In order to do that, Mirror Ministries relies on community help. The organization serves about 80 clients a month with a permanent staff of just four people. They’re able to do so through generous donations as well as many hours of volunteer work.

MacFarlan said this year, along with growing their permanent staff, the organization is also continuing to work on building a restoration home for young girls. Right now, they’re working on putting together a restoration home board and an executive committee for an upcoming capital campaign for the home.

If you’d like to get involved with restoration home efforts, volunteer in other ways, or donate, click here.