Local organizations team up to build a ramp for a 95-year-old WWII vet

KENNEWICK, Wash — Multiple veteran-focused nonprofits in the Tri-Cities have teamed up to give back to those who have served us.

Tri-Cities Helping Heroes, Vets Thrift Store, and Disabled American Veterans worked together to gather materials to build a ramp outside of 95-year-old Rex Jordan and his wife Olive’s home in Kennewick.

Jordan served in the Navy twice and once in the Air Force Reserve where he said “he met a lot of good people.”

Ryan Liddicoat, the president of Bareanhilu LLC, said he was donating his time and expertise to give back to people like Jordan because acts like that are “how the world changes.”

“I really think that this type of endeavor is really what people need to be reminded that we have people out here that are maybe sometimes feeling like they’re forgotten and their needs aren’t addressed as well as they should be,” Liddicoat said. “It’s really a chance for us to just pay attention and just selflessly serve those who have served us first.”

Carrie Brennan with Tri-Cities Helping Heroes, said the community collaboration is “important so that we can support our local veterans.”

“Together is better and that’s what’s most important is all cooperating to serve,” Brennan said.

Jordan said he and Olive feel “grateful” for all of the efforts.

“Well I’m real proud to be able to serve and I appreciate everybody,” Jordan said. “I can’t believe the generosity here.”

Jordan added that he’s fortunate to have lived this long and to have had his time serving the country.

“I’m just blessed. I don’t know why, but there must be a reason for it,” Jordan said.

A GoFundMe to raise money for the ramp has also been created. To donate, click here.

Home Depot and Lowes also donated lumber for the ramp, officials said.