Local pageant contestant gets stranded in historic Texas snowstorm

RICHLAND, Wash — When Tressia Nowlin packed up and headed to Texas for a pageant competition in February, she never thought it would turn into a hunt for food, water and power.

The 32-year-old Miss Washington arrived in San Antonio on Feb. 11 to participate in the United States of America’s Ms. Pageant.

But then a historic massive winter storm hit the Lone Star State, leaving millions of Texans without power and causing freezing weather and other disasters.

Nowlin, who was supposed to return back to the Tri-Cities on Feb. 15th, is still stuck. She said her flight got rescheduled to Saturday, Feb. 19th if the weather permits.

“It started out with just being really cold and all of a sudden the wind and snow happened,” Nowlin said. “We lost power, water and had to scrounge for food at 7/11 and what not.”

Nowlin said she and other contestants became “very emotional.”

“It’s a very anxious feeling not to know if you’re going to have enough water for the next day. I woke up this morning and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for breakfast or where I was going to get food,” Nowlin said.

However, on Friday, Feb. 19th, Nowlin said “a breakthrough happened.”

“The sun is shining and things are looking up,” Nowlin said.

So she and other contestants decided to volunteer by helping give local Texans food and water provided by the San Antonio Food Bank.

“People get teary-eyed just thanking us for being out here to help pass things out. The food has been a huge relief.” Nowlin said. “Everyone’s in need right now, not just certain people.”

A GoFundMe was also created to help the USOA Queens cover their hotel expenses and other costs. You can donate here.