Local police agencies warn of icy road conditions for Thursday’s commute

Local police agencies warn of icy road conditions for Thursday’s commute

The West Richland Police Department, Walla Walla Police Department, Kennewick Police Department and Benton County Sheriff’s Office are warning community members and drivers to be careful in winter-like conditions on Thursday.

West Richland PD said in a post, “Please use caution tonight as the temperatures are supposed to drop and possibly bring in freezing rain. The City has put down deicer at the intersections and other key areas in an effort to increase safety to drives. Please be aware that when deicer is put on the road it does become a little slippery, similar to rain on the pavement.”

Similarly, Kennewick PD wrote, ” Our pre-treatment crews will also return at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow (Thursday) morning to pre-treat prior to the morning commute.”

Benton County deputies had this warning: ” Around midnight our area is receiving small amounts of rain, causing icy conditions… Please take your time this morning and be aware of dark, glassy areas along the roadway. Be safe!!”

Walla Walla police said, “City crews are scheduled to begin salting around 2am . Please prepare for your morning commute, give yourself extra time to get where you are going and increase your following distance!”

Yakima County Fire District #5 also chimed in, writing, “If you are driving over the mountains, through the woods or just across town, be prepared. Get to your destination safely and leave early to give yourself more time.”