Local retirement community raises the flag to honor veterans

To celebrate Veterans Day, a local retirement center hosted a flag-raising ceremony led by veterans themselves.

The Hawthorne Court Retirement Community in Kennewick invited members who had served to be a part of their event Wednesday morning.

Some shared stories and memories while others saluted the flag.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Donald Pearson said he looked forward to this day every year.

“It means more to me every year to see and remember where this country has come from,” Pearson said.

Sgt. Dennis Skeate added that the day is a chance to honor all of the veterans, but especially “the ones that often don’t get a lot of publicity for what they did.”

Other veterans said the day was bittersweet, remembering the ones who didn’t make it back.

“This day is something to commemorate for our ones that are on eternal patrol,” said Sr. Chief Petty Officer David Meyer.

Staff Sgt. Technician Third Grade Ray McKay added that “remembering those who have fallen before” meant the most to him.

Tables inside the center were decorated with USA-themed flags, posters and pictures honoring those who had served.

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