Local shelter looks for homes for guinea pigs after animals dumped and abandoned

A Milton-Freewater couple could face charges for illegally dumping 93 guinea pigs in a field in Umapine, Oregon.

“I’ve never seen anything like this with guinea pigs,” said Sara Archer, executive director at the BMHS.

Archer, along with other staff members at the BMHS have got their hands full.

“There are about 140 here, we have some pregnant moms so we’ve been having some babies,” said Archer.

About 10 days ago the Milton-Freewater couple dumped and abandoned the guinea pigs in a field in Umatilla County.

“The initial response from the community was outrage and frustration and disappointment,” said Archer.

Archer said the couple started out with three guinea pigs, only to end up with hundreds of guinea pigs three years later.

“They have to be separated by sex so they don’t make babies, and they make babies quickly,” said Archer.

On Friday, the couple agreed to cooperate with officials.

Almost 200 more guinea pigs were released into the custody of the BMHS, aside from the initial 93 that were dumped.

Right now staff members are trying to get as many adopted as soon as possible.

“Our end goal is to get them transferred as quickly as we can two other shelters and rescues,” said Archer.

Archer has a message for anyone else who might find themselves in a similar situation.

“Help is available if you ask for it,” she said. “We are here to help and to avoid situations exactly like this.”

According to the Walla Walla Union Bulletin, the couple said they did not dump the guinea pigs with malicious intent, but that it just became overwhelming.

As for the humane society, it has transferred over 100 guinea pigs to the Portland area, the Tri-Cities and as far Utah.

We are still waiting to hear if the couple will be charged.

If you would like to adopt, you can do so at the BMHS for $15 per guinea pig, staff members said they are adopting them in pairs.