Local Teen Designs A Wildlife Crossing Pass

Local Teen Designs A Wildlife Crossing Pass

One local teen won a $1,500 scholarship and week long trip to a Cascade Mountain School for designing a Snoqualmie Pass wildlife crossing.

Delta High School Sophomore Connor Gill submitted an essay and artistic rendition of a wildlife overpass.

He said he found the scholarship contest online and wanted to apply because he has always been interested in bridges and engineering.

Gill said he was shocked when he found out he won because he was competing against juniors and seniors.

“I was very surprised the I won first place becasue it said pretty clearly on where I was submitting it that you need to be a Junior or Senior and I’m a Sophomore but I submitted it anyways because I thought I could have done a good job on it and I did because I won first which was a nice surprise,” said Gill.

He said he hopes to go to University of Washington for college and study engineering.