Local Therapists Explain Grief Following Super Bowl Loss

Local Therapists Explain Grief Following Super Bowl Loss

A sense of sorrow is taking over the northwest after the Seattle Seahawks failed to bring home the Super Bowl Championship this year.

It was the Seattle Seahawks against the New England Patriots.

The roller coaster of emotions hit one of its highest peaks within the last moments of the game when the Seahawks’ Jermaine Kearse made a miraculous catch to set the team up for what looked like an impending winning touchdown.

But, it was what happened in the last few seconds of the game, what Coach Pete Caroll said himself was a bad call, when Russell Wilson was intercepted by the Patriots, that left the 12’s in despair.

“We should have run the ball into the end zone instead of passing it, we have the best running back in the league and we failed to use him,” said one fan.

The Seahawks failed to bring home the Lombardi Trophy, losing 28-24.

The disappointment among the 12’s was nearly catastrophic.

“It was really tough,” said one fan.

“It hurts a lot,” said another. “I don’t even know what I just saw.”

But, those who are not entirely engaged in the sport often wonder why do fans get so bummed from a loss or so excited from a win?

Local Mental Health Couselor Brian Clemmons said the answer comes from neuroscience where the concept of “mirror neurons” was discovered.

Clemmons said when an individual watches something like a quarter back getting sacked or a player getting hurt for example, that person will mirror it in the brain and thus, experience it themselves to some extent.

Another local therapist, Tom Adams, said it all stems from a sense of belonging.

People feel apart of somethng when they root for a team, often times bonding with family, making the games and the outcomes of those games that much more meaningful.

“Families tend to bond over rituals of connection and sports happens to be one of those things,” said Adams.

Some fans said they will do their best to keep their heads up and will bring in the same Seahawks spirit come next season.