Local volunteers spend afternoon cleaning up the Tri-Cities

KENNEWICK, Wash — When most people are at work or at home, a local group is spending their days helping clean up areas in the community that are filled with trash.

When Mark McKee started Clean Sweep Tri-Cities the group had less than 10 members, according to his son, Tanner.

Now, there are over 1,000 people who volunteer their time and efforts to making the Tri-Cities a cleaner place.

“It feels really good to get out and get people involved together,” Tanner said. “We bring the community together and make this a better area.”

As a native Tri-Citian, Tanner said he is also passing down the values he’s learned through Clean Sweep TC to his children.

“It’s nice to have my kid raised in a clean place as an honest, hard-working man,” Tanner said.

Daniel Longhorn, the outreach coordinator, said the group gathers multiple times a week.

“We’re giving back to the community by providing a service that is geared to cleanliness,” Longhorn said. “We bring food, we bring heart and we glorify God.”

They find out which areas need tidying up by working with city officials.

“We get ahold of law enforcement or we drive around to look at areas that need to be cleaned,” Longhorn said.

Dozens of members met up at a parking lot Wednesday afternoon in Kennewick to pick trash and debris up from the surrounding area.

“I believe solving problems start with change inside the community,” Longhorn said.

The group also helps out with various food drives every month.

Longhorn added that his favorite part is getting to meet people in the area.

“I love interacting with people and seeing them smile,” Longhorn said. “I love seeing families come together because it’s a beautiful thing.”

Getting involved with the group is simple. All you have to do is arrive.

“Show up with a heart to serve and a heart to give back,” Longhorn said.

If you want to get involved, Clean Sweep TC is having two events Saturday, Feb. 27th. You can find a list here.