Local web designer company launches vendor-like app for businesses

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KENNEWICK, Wash — A new app aims to make reopening businesses and purchasing products during the pandemic easier and safer.

It’s called Curbstop and it allows businesses to showcase their products, control transactions, and coordinate a pick up time and location.

When you make an account as a “vendor,” you’ll have the ability to record orders, view monthly sales reports, and edit the status of your products in real time.

Customers using the app, can view the products each business is offering, purchase the items, schedule a pick up time, and write reviews.

WP Visual Builder is a local web designer company and creator of Curbstop. It’s offering the app to everyone for free in hopes this will be a modern solution to our modern problems.

The company is going one step further. If businesses are struggling to pay the payment processing fees, WP Visual Builder will help cover the cost.

You can sign up and view current participating businesses here.