Locals protest Jordan World Circus

TRAC Center animal protest
Locals protest Jordan World Circus

Animals in captivity are receiving support Tuesday in the Tri-Cities as protestors stood against the Jordan World Circus who just arrived in Pasco.

The Stop Animal Circuses Tri-Cities group joined dozens of community members to rally against animal cruelty and animals being used as a means of entertainment.

One 70-year-old protester saying it’s a cause she would do just about anything for.

“It makes me feel like I am ready to risk my life to stand out here if I have to, to make things better. It’s working Ringling Brothers have stopped, the Shriner’s haven’t come here for two years. They’re finally getting the message that these animals deserve compassion,” Stop Animal Circuses Tri-Cities protester Judi Nelson said.

Judy and her group members from Stop Animal Circuses Tri-Cities have been fighting for animal freedom for four years.

They have already pushed one circus out of town through protesting, and say they are thrilled about the overwhelming support they have been receiving from the community.