Lourdes Crisis Center remains open during COVID-19 pandemic

Lourdes Health

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Isolation and the lack of social interaction can take a mental health toll on anyone.

According to Lourdes Crisis, there are things you can do to help deal with the separation from your loved ones. One of the easiest ways — call them. Take advantage of technology to video chat with him. Also, take a walk, but keep your distance from others. Even lounge around in your backyard.

Cameron Fordmeir, manager at the crisis center, said to avoid unreliable sources for information about COVID-19.

“If you’re gonna be checking up on things that have the potential to increase depression or anxiety symptoms, or worsen pre-existing symptoms — make sure that you’re getting it from a credible source,” he explained. “And definitely limit the consumption of negativity on social media or unreliable social media sites.”

During the pandemic, Lourdes Crisis is staying open. However, if you have to come into the lobby, they’re asking people to only send in one family member.

They’re encouraging people to call if they need help. Recently, they’ve seen an uptick in one type of call.

“We’ve seen an increase in phone calls and a lot more phone calls involving or assessments involving children cause they’re not in school, you know, probably had idle hands and getting into more trouble or having more issues than what they would be if they were more occupied with their traditional routine,” Fordmeir said.

Fordmeir explained that people should reach out for help and not hesitate to do so.

Their 24-hour crisis line is available at (509) 783-0500.