Major water reservoir shut down in Kennewick

Partial road closure & emergency sewer main repairs on Edison St.

A 24-hour trial shutdown of one of the City of Kennewick’s major reservoirs takes place today.

Residents who receive city water in certain areas will still have water service but may see fluctuations in their water pressure or periodic water cloudiness during this trial shutdown. Any cloudiness is not harmful and residents can run their water for a few minutes until clear after the trial period.

This trial shutdown is to prepare for routine maintenance and inspection of the City’s 10-million gallon reservoir that is scheduled for later in the month. Maintenance activities will require taking the reservoir off-line for approximately 2 weeks. During the 24-hour trial shutdown, services from the reservoir are isolated and City crews will perform various pumping tests and data collection to determine the best delivery of services for when the reservoir is later emptied and temporarily taken off-line.

Any changes to this trial shutdown will be posted on the City of Kennewick’s webpage. Residents can go to to obtain updates. Any questions, comments, or concerns may also be directed to the City of Kennewick’s Public Works Department at 585-4419.