Man Accused of Killing Woman in Pasco in Court for First Time

Pasco Man Gets 16 Years for Murder


The Franklin County Prosecutor has filed charges of Murder in the First Degree against Guadalupe Montejano in the death of Tamie Alane Clark Acevedo. He is being held at the Franklin County Corrections Center on $500,000 bail and will be back in court on January 14, for arraignment.

A suspect in a Pasco homicide appears in court for the first time after being arrested for the murder of the woman staying with him Friday night.

The judge ruled that there is enough evidence to hold Guadalupe Montejano on charges of suspicion of murder in the first degree. Police affadavits show that Montejano has already told others he is the killer.

As Montejano makes his first court appearance, no one knows for sure yet what happened between him and Tammie Acevedo Friday night.

What we do know is the Pasco police received a call that Tammie Avevedo was dead in an apartment in this complex on Lewis street.

Others however said they heard Montejano is capable of having a bad temper. The probable cause documents state that Friday night Montejano told another complex resident “Tammy is dead I killed Tammy.”

Police say the victim had severe trauma on the left side of her head and a long deep laceration across her throat.

An autopsy was performed today but the Franklin County coroner said results are inconclusive pending toxicology results, which will take several weeks.

Prosecutors have until Wednesday at 4 P.M. to officially charge Montejano.

His next hearing is scheduled for January 14th. He is being held on a half a million dollars bail.